Crummock has been delivering life extension services to offshore oil and gas assets since 2001.  We work with oil and gas operators and their service partners to develop innovative solutions to solve offshore accommodation and security issues, whilst not impacting production.


As an example of our innovation, Crummock is the first company to install bullet-proof doors and portholes in its purpose built citadels (safe rooms).  This security feature is fast becoming a prerequisite for any operator with crew and assets based in waters that are prone to pirate attacks.  You can find out more about our bullet proof citadels by downloading our brochure.


A key to Crummock's success is our UK trained, multi-skilled work squads.  When offshore they can perform a variety of trades, meaning that one or two Crummock personnel can undertake the tasks normally carried out by 3-5 men from other companies.  This saves the facility having to tie-up accommodation for non-production crew.


We work with the highest quality materials and service suppliers to maintain excellence in our supply chain.  We deliver excellent solutions, a quality service and maintain impeccable health and safety credentials.  Attention to Health and Safety is paramount to our success and since working offshore from 2001, Crummock has not experienced a single down-time incident.

We maintain our excellent reputation by providing continuous training and support for our entire workforce. We have UK trained tradespeople and comply with country content regulations where applicable, which cements our professionalism among our teams and the customers they serve.  It is not unusual for a Crummock client to request that a new project is undertaken by the same team that completed the previous one and we are delighted that our squads frequently receive unsolicited praise from our customers.


Take a look what our customers have to say about us:


“…Crummock employees have performed all their allotted work to a high standard and in a safe and conscientious manner.  .....we have recognised Michael and Steven and presented them with a safety award approved by the OIM."


“"… upgrade was completed smoothly and safely without any hiccups.  I would like to thank Stevie and his team for an outstanding works with high quality of workmanship."

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