Offshore Security Solutions

Topside security solutions to protect crew.
On location upgrades to extend asset life.

Crummock delivers security solutions for offshore oil and gas facilities.  The threat of unwanted visitors means protecting your crew and assets is vital.  Crummock has earned an international reputation for combating this threat.  Following a requirements analysis and site survey, a total solution incorporating measures to prevent boarding, limit access around the vessel and ultimately an area where the crew can safely await rescue can be designed and delivered.


For a citadel or safe area, bullet-proof doors and windows are designed and fabricated in the UK and meet international standards.  Crummock's teams of UK trained tradesmen undertake the offshore installation.  These are multi-skilled tradespeople and so the need for multiple visits and accommodation requirements is minimised.


  • Design of solution including the citadel or safe area for the crew is undertaken in the United Kingdom;
  • The doors and windows are designed and fabricated in the UK;
  • Certification is to A60, Lloyds, DNV and MED and bullet-proof to UL752;
  • Higher levels of ballistic certification are available;
  • Crummock's UK trained tradespeople undertake the offshore installation with minimal disruption to normal operations;
  • Multidisciplinary tradespeople reduce the need for multiple visits and reduce accommodation requirements;
  • Design, supply and installation of detection systems, security lighting, CCTV and access control can be incorporated into our solutions to suit your requirements.

Pirates attempting to board or hijack vessels is not restricted to moving vessels.  Stationary oil and gas facilities offer prime targets for valuables, IT equipment and hostages for ransom.  The consequences of these actions are catastrophic to the well-being of your crew and the negative publicity can compromise your brand and share price.


Just as the safety of your crew is paramount, so too is the protection of your facilities and continued oil and gas production.  Crummock is leading the field in providing pre-emptive security systems to protect your people and business.


Crummock will provide the design, fabrication and on location installation of a certified bullet-proof citadel (safe area) in the living quarters of your offshore oil and gas facilities.  Should pirates board your facility, your crew will be safe until rescue services arrive.


Want to keep your crew safe? Contact us on (+44) 1875 823 222 or email to discuss your requirements.

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